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The Journey Begins… October 2, 2009

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Here it starts…

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but just never did for some reason. Over the past few years my love of food and cooking has grown tenfold and I have fallen in love with the world of food blogging. Pioneer Woman, SGCC, The Kitchn–and so so many more–they all have my love and affection. You’ll see a lot of them here, as many of my recipes will come from them. I will always link to them, as I have no intention of stealing their glory. I usually adapt their recipes to fit my tastes (or whatever my pantry holds at that moment in time). I’ll list the original recipe, as well as my changes. I haven’t come so far in cooking to write my own recipes, although that my come.
I’ll try to post pictures, although I am nowhere close to being a professional food photographer. Maybe through this process I’ll get better? Eh, probably not but we’ll see!
I hope you’ll follow me along this journey. Give me suggestions, recipes, etc.

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