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Finally Friday! November 7, 2009

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Oh Friday nights. They are like a huge sigh of relief. Except usually, I come home and relax. Tonight…not so much. Why not? Well, I am entering a cheesecake contest tomorrow. A nearby winery is having their annual holiday festival, and a coworker and I are entering the contest. She is pretty famous for her cheesecakes, and has even shipped hers to California to be tested by a restaurateur! Me, it’s just an experiment. I’ve never made a real cheesecake before and I thought it would be fun to try! I’ll post that recipe tomorrow, once I can see how it turns out.

Because I was busy making the cheesecake, I didn’t cook dinner. We ordered a pizza instead. Oh No! I have to post SOMETHING for NaBloWriMo! So I have for you tonight is one of my old standby recipes. It’s one of those that I don’t really have a set recipe for, or even know where it originally came for. I often will buy catfish or other whitefish on sale, and freeze each fillet individually in small baggies, then leave one out to thaw if I know I’m going to be alone for dinner. Just throw together a salad, or some SteamFresh veggies and you have a pretty good meal.
Pan-Fried Catfish
1 Fillet Catfish
Your favorite spice rub
Melt a pad of butter in a skillet over medium high heat. While butter is heating, rub spices into both sides of fish. Place fish in pan. Fry on both sides until meat is flaky, just a few minutes each. Put on plate and pour any extra butter over the top.
See, easy!!

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