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It Happened at Midnight by Cait London February 25, 2010

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I have a pattern to my reading–Serious book, Smut, Serious book, Smut. I at least try to put some “lighter” reading in between the more serious works of literature. I call them “Palette Cleansers.” They give my brain a break between really challenging books like The Fountainhead. Seriously, my noggin was exhausted! In fact, and I just thought of this, I bet that’s why I’m on day three of Migraine Hell! It’s payback for spending two weeks in that horrible book!

Not all Palette Cleansers are smut, and some that are are smuttier than others. This ranged right in the middle. It definitely contained sex, most of it out in the wilderness of the Rockies. However, it was not as graphic as a lot of the books I’ve read.

Something that really bothered me about this book was the amount of typos. When I told J. about it, he said “Don’t they have editors to make sure those don’t happen?” My thoughts exactly! Waaaaayyyy too many got through. For example, the heroine’s name is Michaela. I counted at least 5 times where her name was Michael. Or where pronouns or helping verbs were left out of sentences so that you had to read it a few times before you could make sense of what it was saying. For some one who reads blocks of text like I do, pausing to make sense of a paragraph and finding the error is so frustrating.

Overall, the plot was decent, but the book was cheaply written. *shrugs*I didn’t have high hopes for it, so eh. No big deal. It served its purpose, and it didn’t take too much brain power in the last few days when I’ve felt like death.

On to the next one:  Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos


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  1. nancycg56 Says:

    OMG ~ I can’t stand typos in books ~ makes me crazy. I remember reading And Ladies of the Club and it had at least one typo on every page!

    (A Recipe A Day)

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