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Strawberry Pie April 18, 2010

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Two posts in one morning? Have I lost my mind? I promise I haven’t–I just had another blogger friend mention they were looking for a good strawberry pie recipe, and I had made this one before I stared The Blog. I told her I’d post it.

I made this for Easter last year. I’m usually in charge of bringing a dessert to family gatherings–I think my savory dishes might be a little too over the top for my very traditional family. I knew this pie would be a big hit, especially to my dad. We used to get fresh strawberry pie at a diner in Bluffton, The Dutch Mill, when I was growing up. It was the best ever! Unfortunately, the restaurant burned down a while back, and those beloved pie recipes have never been sold.

Funny story about this pie–It ended up all over the back of J’s car on the way to Easter dinner! This pie does have a lot of sticky liquid, so if you are traveling with it, be sure to keep it level!

**A note about the measurements–this came out of a cooking textbook from a college course I took. It doesn’t use the standard cups and teaspoons, which I found very frustrating. There are tools online to help you estimate if you don’t have a kitchen scale.

Fresh Strawberry Pie

From On Cooking by Sarah R. Labensky and Alan M. Hause

Yield:  2 9 inch pies

700 g granulated sugar
240 ml water
75 g cornstarch
360 ml water, cold
2 ml salt
60 ml lemon juice
Red food coloring, as needed
2 lt fresh strawberries, rinsed and sliced in half
2 pie shells, baked
Whipped cream to top

Bring sugar and 240 ml of water to boil.

Dissolve cornstarch in cold water and add to boiling liquid. Cook over low heat until clear, about 5 minutes.

Stir in salt, lemon juice, and enough red food coloring to make bring red.

Pour glaze over strawberries and toss gently to cat. Pour into pie shells. Chill thoroughly to set and top with whipped cream just before serving.


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