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On Cooking April 22, 2010

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This whole unemployment thing has really messed with my mind. Never in my life have I been so idle. Spending so much time perusing the job sites, filling out countless applications, and spending almost 6 hours trying to apply for unemployment has left me increasingly frustrated with traditional job methods. I’m sure everyone goes through this at some point, and I’m sure its good for me to learn how to deal with some harder knocks than I’m used to. However, it’s given me some new perspectives.

If you’ve been reading the blog for very long, or if you know me in person, you know how deep the love of all things culinary goes in me. I drive everyone nuts talking about food all day long. It’s all I think about. I’ve had countless people tell me I should go to culinary school, that this is my chance to change career paths. I just shrug my shoulders–I can’t afford more school right now, ESPECIALLY since I’m unemployed.

But that got me thinking. When I took that cooking class my senior year at Ball State, the one that changed EVERYTHING, we had to buy this HUGE textbook. We never used it. I think maybe there were a couple of reading assignments but we didn’t even ever take the book to class. We used a separate recipe book instead. However, instead of selling it back to the store at the end of the term, I kept it. It has lots of recipes in it, and I thought maybe I’d use one or two at some point.

Why not teach myself to cook? I’m already doing it, by reading blogs, trying new ingredients, watching a LOT of food shows, etc. Why not work my way through this textbook? If Julie Powell can learn to cook by reading Julia Child’s cookbook, why can’t I do that? No it’s not professional cooking school, but it’s a step in the right direction.

So here’s what I’m going to do (and actually, I’ve already read the first chapter)–

I’m going to read each chapter, and try the recipes at the end of each. I’ll blog about what I learned and you guys can help me along the process. Not to mention get some good new recipes out of the deal.

I’m not sure how fast I’ll go yet. Honestly, a lot of it depends on the grocery budget that week, and the current job situation. We will take it as it comes, but I think it will be great!

By the way, the book I’m using is On Cooking, 4th Edition by Sarah R. Labensky and Alan M. Hause.

**Note–I should add, probably, that the first few chapters do not have recipes attached. I probably won’t blog about them, unless I find something interesting for you. Today’s chapter is about Food Safety and Sanitation…while important, it is just not that fascinating.


2 Responses to “On Cooking”

  1. Ashley Abbey Says:

    Sounds like a fun and interesting learning experience! I want to get back into cooking more this summer.. and experimenting, don’t have time with school usually. I did want to ask, what is the cooking class you took your senior year here.. I’ve been wanting to take one but most of them look like they are teaching you more about the business side of culinary arts.. it would be a big help~ thanks! Happy Cooking

    • hwall1018 Says:

      This was an intro to cooking that was held as an elective. Intro to Food and Nutrition maybe? Something like that. It was just like a FACS class you’d take in high school, only more involved. I loved it. A lot of information I already knew, but I loved it because it further solidified my love for cooking, and showed me that this is what I needed to be doing. It’s what told me I needed to explore, and ultimately why I started blogging.

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