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Minty Mocha Cocktail May 14, 2010

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I’ve been craving coffee all day, but it’s been sweltering hot for the last two days. Having a steaming cup of joe just did not sound appealing. So tonight I thought I’d shake up something cool and refreshing, a bit of an adult dessert to cap off the evening.

A warning–this does come out a very ill green color. Not very appetizing looking but VERY delicious!

Minty Mocha Cocktail

Original Recipe

1.5 oz Kahlua
1.5 oz Coffee Liquor
1 oz Creme de Menthe
2-3 oz cream or milk

Shake in cocktail shaker with ice. Strain over ice in a rocks glass or in a chilled cocktail glass. If serving in a cocktail glass, you could line it with streams of chocolate syrup, or rim it with crushed chocolate bar.


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