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Me Talk pretty One Day by David Sedaris May 19, 2010

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I love memoirs. I love reading the personal details of someone’s life as they remember it. Memoirs are generally better reads than biographies, usually based in emotion, instead of fact.

I hate short story collections. I hate when I sit down to read a book an instead its just a bunch of random blurbs that don’t go together.

This was a mixture of the two. It was interesting, and I was interested in Sedaris’s life. However, there wasn’t a great flow to the book. There was a slight chronological order, but a lot of the stories had nothing to do with each other. Most of them did not hav a point. The last one being one of them. Not a great ending. There isn’t even anything to spoil there, it just stops. No point, no conclusion. It just stops. No more words. That’s it.

I guess the only way I can really express how I feel about this book is just to call it lame. Just nothing really exciting.

**Note–My keyboard is dying. I have a new one on order, but the left part of it is going very sporadically. I apologize if I missed any typos. I tried to get them all.


5 Responses to “Me Talk pretty One Day by David Sedaris”

  1. Liz Says:

    I think one reason you might be frustrated is because of the genre of the creative nonfiction essay. Some people have tried to write collections of linked essays on a theme, but they hardly ever sell. . .so publishers don’t want those. They want either a connected narrative or a collection of essays that can be published separately in different magazines, literary journals, anthologies, etc.

    I haven’t read Me Talk Pretty One Day in a while, but I will admit that my favorite moments in David Sedaris’s writing are when I read one of his books with loose but vivid connections between the essays. “Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim” has more of that, because it’s almost entirely about his loved ones. So although there is no overarching narrative, there is a connectedness to the stories, as he is writing almost exclusively about the people he loves.

    It might be worth giving that one a try!

  2. Michelle Gaskill Says:

    I was also kind of disappointed with this book as I read to see what all the fuss re: David Sedaris was about, and was a bit disappointed. He was kind of funny, but I enjoy his sister’s comedy better. I’ll try to read the “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim” book also to give old Dave a second chance.

  3. Deelish Dish Says:

    Man, I loved this book. So much. But then, I HATED The Time Traveler’s Wife and everyone wanted to kill me. So to each his own.

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