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Camelbak Better Bottle Review June 1, 2010

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I haven’t done many product reviews on here yet–it’s something I used to do on my other blog. But, I think when we come across something that shouts out to us–either really good or really bad–we should share it with our fellow consumers.

I’ve never been a naturally thirsty person. I KNOW I should drink more water, but I don’t crave it like some people do. For me to drink something, it has to be convenient. It has to be within reach. I often won’t even get off the couch when I DO want something to drink, I’ll wait until J. gets up to go to the kitchen, and ask him! I just don’t need it that bad. Lame, I know.

The one good thing about the whole migraine mess is that it forced me to drink more water by taking out all of the alternatives. Now, I keep a Brita filter in the fridge (more because I like my water super cold than actually caring about the filter), and try to keep it filled so I always have cold water ready.

Still, I hadn’t found anything that kept me drinking when out and about. Pop tops are awkward, and the screw off lids on those aluminum things are just a pain. I buy them, and eventually, they gather dust in the back of my cabinet.

But, J brought home one from his training for me this week. I LOVE it. I’ve carried it with me all over the house–which is a good sign I’ll take it with me when I go out (I started to this morning but drinking 24 oz of water on the hour drive to an interview is probably not a good idea, so I left it at home).

What makes this bottle different is Camelbak’s bite and suck technology. No, that’s not a Twilight reference. The bottle is fitted with a flexible mouthpiece that you bite down on, causing a notch to open on the front end. Then you suck the water out like a straw. When no pressure is being applied, the hole is closed off completely and it is virtually leak proof.

This method was originally used on Camelbak’s military canteen backpacks (hence their company name) to keep water from leaking from the long hydration hose attached to the pack. A soldier could quickly hydrate without breaking concentration. I’m glad to see this technology come to sports bottles. It makes awesome sense–even if I’m no athlete.

Since J brought this home, I’ve found myself going through at least 3 refills a day. My bottle holds 24 ozs. Before, I was MAYBE drinking 2 or 3 GLASSES of water a day. I’ve tripled my water consumption. That’s a big deal for someone who didn’t think she was thirsty.

Check out my bottle and others here. For the record, Camelbak has NO idea who I am. This is a totally unsponsored review. I just like their product.


2 Responses to “Camelbak Better Bottle Review”

  1. Janella Says:

    I had the same problem with water bottles. I bought several of the new pretty aluminum or stainless steel ones and mine also ended up on the top shelf all the way in back. I found the camelbak bottle at gander mt. on sale for $6 (so I couldn’t pass it up)…I LOVE it! I take it with me everywhere. I also saw that you can purchase replacement bite valves and other parts separately (which is a big plus when you have a toddler that likes to chew on it)

    • hwall1018 Says:

      Ooo good to know about the replacement valves. I don’t have a toddler, but I do have a dog, I forsee in the future having it get chewed on.

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