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Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner July 8, 2010

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After To the Lighthouse, this book was a definite refresher for my brain. I usually like Jennifer Weiner’s books. They are definitely chick lit, and fun to read. No book has the same plot line, which you can’t often say about chick lit authors.

I was especially looking forward to reading this one because I loved Good in Bed so much. It was the first Weiner book I had read, and while not exactly rated G, it was a great read (maybe it was a great read BECAUSE of its R rating???). If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love sequels to my favorite books, I love reading about the continuation of their lives.

Certain girls was good. I’m not going to say it lived up to my expectations–in fact, it really was like most sequels. You want to really love it, because of the first one, but it just doesn’t live up to its former glory. This is a book I wouldn’t be afraid to recommend to my little sister (who is actually 18 now, but I still wouldn’t think of handing her one of my smutty books. I still like to pretend she doesn’t know what sex is.). Unfortunately, the vibrancy of the characters is also majorly toned down. Cannie is sooo paranoid and so the whole book feels very constricting, which helps you relate to Joy. Still I can’t imagine doing some of the things she did at 13. While there were lots of things that happened in the book, I just felt like the people had lost their oomph.

Overall, an entertaining read. Kind of like chicken mcnuggets. Sometimes, you just gotta feed your craving, even though they usually are disappointing.

This is a very strange review. This is a direct result of 1. Being super overly tired; and 2. J coming in and interrupting me while I’m trying to write. Sorry guys, better next time I promise.


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