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Go Ask Alice by Anonymous July 11, 2010

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When I went home last weekend, my sister pulled this (along with about 6 other books) off of her shelf for me to read. She had to read it for one of her high school papers, and I laughed as my EXTREMELY detailed sister pulled a post-it off of seemingly every single page. I thought she was just going overboard for her paper.

But then I read it. At first, I just liked it on principle. I love diary-type books, especially those written by real people. The fact that the author remains anonymous is even better because that means it’s not going to be just teenage fluff. This book is full of extremely intense imagery–how this girl managed to consistently write during her most strung out periods I have no idea. I can hardly keep a consistent journal, and I’ve never touched even one joint, let alone LCD and heroin.

Read this book. Even if you have never and will never use drugs. Especially then. This story has huge impact–it’s one that will show you the world from a point of view you have never seen before.

I won’t tell you how it ends. Only that it will end exactly how, as you read through the pages, you expect it to end.


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