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Shout outs! July 17, 2010

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Most of my recipes are not original. While I twist a lot of recipes in my head while driving home from work, most of my inspiration comes from other food bloggers. I subscribe to over 100 food blogs alone in my Google Reader and read them religiously. Every time I come across a recipe I want to try, it gets printed off and put in one of three binders, so that when I’m looking for a certain kind of recipe, they are all in once place. I make sure to label the recipes I printed off with the name of the blog. I was taught, in my 16 years of school, that plagiarism was wrong. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers have their recipes ripped off and posted by someone wanting to take credit for their hard work.

I have noooo desire to do that. While I definitely use other blogger’s recipes, I always want to link to their blog so they can share some of the credit. I hope some of you have clicked on their links and gone to visit.

This morning I added a new menu to my side bar called My Inspiration. I hope you go and click on some of the links I have posted. These are only a small selection of the blogs I read–they are the ones whose recipes I’ve posted here. As I add more recipes from more blogs, that list will grow, so check back often! Go give my friends some love…just make sure you come back here and visit now and again, k?


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