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The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells July 18, 2010

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I have found that it is almost always better to watch the movie BEFORE reading the book–contrary to popular belief. Why? Because no matter how good the movie is, the book is always better. So, if you watch the movie first, then you won’t be disappointed because they took out your favorite part of the book, or misinterpreted a character. You don’t know that yet. Then, when you do read the book, you can pick out all the details from the movie version, and ridicule Hollywood for leaving such a great piece out. Plus, you have images in your head of characters and of certain scenes to go along with the narrative.

For example–Robert Langdon will always be Tom Hanks to me. Mr. Darcy will always be Matthew MacFadyen (and yes, I had to look up his name). Noah & Allie will always be Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (that one goes the other way too–those actors will always be that guy/girl from The Notebook).

Divine Secrets was no exception. I liked the movie–there’s something to be said about the popularity of films about southern girlfriends (think Steel Magnolias). But, I LOVED the book. I could hardly put it down. Because I’d watched the movie, I knew exactly what those characters should sound like–especially Vivi. I always like it when my mind automatically reads with an accent (unfortunately, depending on the book, sometimes I will start to imitate that voice in real life without meaning to).

The women in this book are such vibrant characters, people I would love to know in real life. Unfortunately, you don’t meet Vivi Walkers every day.

This book isn’t all fun and games, it does touch on alcoholism and abusive relationships, but those are the important moments that make you grateful for the Ya-Yas.

Apparently, Wells has a prequel to this book called Little Altars Everywhere, which is more about the Ya-Yas when they are young. I’m definitely adding it to my list.


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