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Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg August 7, 2010

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This is definitely one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. It was not easy, that’s for sure. It was, I guess you could say, awkward, to say the least. It basically takes society, and turns it on its head. Women are men and men are women. Or wim and menwim. Fele and mafele. Women walk around topless with their breasts hanging free, men wear skirts with constricting pehos.

To put it simply, a peho is the male version of a bra. It plays a huge role in the book, from the awkward first peho preteen shopping trip to a peho burning during the menwim movement later in the book.

Something to note, the author was born in Norway in 1941, during WWII. Now, I’m not very familiar with Norwegian culture, but I know the stereotypical American culture during the postwar 40s and 50s and this book makes ABSOLUTE sense with that culture. Where women were all stay at home moms, devoted to her husband and children–you know what I’m talking about, the whole Betty Crocker image. Only in Egalia, it would be Billy Crocker. Even the time line makes sense, with the peho burnings happening during the 60s and 70s.

I did find the title ironic, as this book is not about the daughters, but about the sons.

Again, this book is definitely awkward, and many times I started to put it away. But the satire was so dead on, it compelled me to keep reading. And I am SO glad I did. Because the last two chapters of the book are PERFECT. They are absolutely hilarious, not in a comical way but just because of how ironic they are. You just have to read this. A Must Read.


One Response to “Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg”

  1. Douglas Rex Says:

    I’m a “manwom” and enjoyed this book. Someone should make a film based on this story. Reread the chapter Fish and Romance. If that scene doesn’t strike the attention of the movie goer, I don’t know what would. Doug

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