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Writer’s Block or Life Block? November 2, 2010

Filed under: NaBloWriMo — hmills96 @ 7:43 pm

I’m supposed to write tonight. It’s only Day Two. I almost forgot about it–I was diving into my current book when I realized I haven’t written yet. This is not a good sign. I figure, some of these entries might just be one-sided conversations. Care to join in?

What do I want to talk about tonight? What’s on my mind?

Sushi, for one thing. I might have a serious problem, guys. Is there such a thing as too much sushi? For some reason, whenever I exercise, I CRAVE it immediately after. I don’t know if it’s my body needing to replenish the protein or what. But I mean every single night after working out, I NEED sushi.

The good thing is, I workout in Indy, where there are LOTS of sushi places. The bad thing is, my addiction is getting expensive. Also, it’s not so great going into a restaurant in sweaty gym clothes. It’s just not attractive, gotta tell ya. I did discover that my local Marsh makes pretty decent sushi. Sushi in bed–it’s a wonderful thing. And it was much less expensive than getting it at a restaurant.

Oh, that’s the other thing that’s new in my life. The Gym. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Well, mostly just a hate/hate relationship with it right now. I figured out that if I sign up for a place close to my work, I’ll be a lot more motivated to exercise–instead of waiting until I drive the hour home and then eating dinner and THEN trying to work out. Not such a great plan that one. So far the Indy gym is working out really well.

I also hired a personal trainer to kick my butt two nights a week. He’s definitely doing his job. My butt is TIRED. But he’s very good about knowing what works for me and what doesn’t. He pushes me to my limit, and no further, I don’t feel like I have to tell him to back off or that it’s hurting too much, which I was afraid of. At the same time, he does push me, more than I have ever been pushed.

Oh, and I’ve discovered punching bags. Can I just TELL you how much fun boxing is? Really really fun.

He is changing my diet some, and telling me to count calories (UGH), which makes it even harder for me to want to cook. I went and bought salad and some healthier food choices. This weekend I’m going to try to put some recipes together. We’ll see. I want this to work.

Thanks for listening. Who knows what I’ll come up with tomorrow?


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