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Pure Fall Heaven November 17, 2009

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Back when I made this, I had bought 2 squash, thinking that J. would love acorn squash, and I’d make it again. He didn’t. Thus, I’ve had an extra squash sitting in my basket just waiting on me to do something with it. So, for lunch on Sunday, I decided to crack that baby open. Now, that is no easy task. Make sure you have a high quality knife and anchor your cutting board. You might even pierce the squash and stick it in the microwave for a few minutes to start the cooking process before slicing it open. I haven’t tried that, I don’t know how that would work. It should soften the skin a bit, to make it easier to cut open. However you slice it, be VERY CAREFUL. But, if you are hankering for something sweet and sugary, try this. Squash has sooooooo many vitamins. I made mine with sugar and butter, but you could easily do this with honey and your favorite low cal spread to lighten it up. 1 half was enough to feed me, I put the other half in a baggie in the fridge for another day.

Microwave Squash
Slice squash in half, scoop out guts. Place cut side down in microwave safe dish (I used my CorningWare) and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Cook on high for 8 minutes, until flesh is soft. Very carefully remove plastic wrap. Just as carefully, remove flesh from skin. Mix in butter, brown sugar, dried rosemary, salt. Mmmmmm…Pure fall heaven!

Another new food November 3, 2009

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Along with the roast chicken, I also tried another new dish–acorn squash. I’ve tasted it before, in my high school and college cooking labs. It was always one of the microwavable foods. I was never in the groups that made those dishes, but I had liked the sweet, fall flavor of the squash. When I came across this post from Pioneer Woman, I just started drooling. Oh man.

I LOVED this dish. Unfortunately, Meijer was out of fresh rosemary, so I had to use dry, but it was still amazingly delicious.
However, J. and JC were not nearly as impressed. They both kind of wrinkled up their nose. I think maybe if I had mashed it up and put it in something, they would have loved it just as much as I did. But tell Indiana guys they are eating roast squash…yeah they aren’t so into it. See what I’m up against? It’s so, so sad.
Go check out Pioneer Woman’s post. I didn’t change the recipe other than to use 1 Tbsp dried instead of fresh rosemary, and her pictures will just make you drool all over your keyboard. And just a head’s up…I just got her cookbook in the mail, so you may see even more of the gorgeous PW around. But that’s a good thing, I promise.
(Damn you government…No, PW is in no way paying me or connected to me in any way. She probably has no idea who I am or the fact that I’m even writing this post. I just really love her food and her pictures and really look up to her as a blogger.)